Types of KWH Meter You Can Find In The Market

power industryWhen it comes to the power industry, electric meter is just as important as anything else in providing commercial electricity to the market. And the other name for electric meter is kWh meter from Powertek (http://www.powertekuk.com/). The kWh meter has evolved greatly since its distribution until today. In fact, there are many brands, designs and types of kWh meter available in the market and used by power companies. Some models are expensive while others are offered for free by power companies. Though there are thousands of electric meters available, these kWh meters can be categorised in terms on how they record the readings of power consumption. And here are the types of kWh meter you can find in the market.

  1. Accumulation meters – Accumulation meters are the first type of kWh meters with JSG available in the market. These type of meters only provide the total accumulated usage of electricity ever since the connection was established. The bills will just be based on the new reading subtracted by the previous reading. This is popular for power companies which charge the energy consumption of consumers on the same rate regardless of the time the electricity is consumed. Same rate charge is also known as flat rate and accumulation meters are sometimes referred as flat rate meters. Though most of accumulation meters are analog meters which display the reading either in a dial display or cyclometer, there are also digital meters which are accumulation meters.
  2. Interval meters – Interval meters are kWh meters which record the power consumption in every interval. The most common range of interval is 30 minutes. Interval meters are developed to provide an opportunity for power companies to offer incentives on consumers which lowers their electricity usage on hours where the demands are high or peak hours. Interval meters can record all the energy consumption and the data is divided per interval. This type of meter is also called time of use meters.
  3. Smart meters – Smart meters are the latest type of kWh meters used today. It is a combination of the previous two types while also includes a feature of having direct connection to the power companies. The data are recorded and sent to the power companies which allow the power companies to monitor the detailed power consumption of every household including the time which the household consumes a lot of electricity and the rooms or appliances which consume the power. The smart meters allow the power companies to customize the report they provide to the consumers depending on the preference of the consumers.

And these are the three types of kWh meters used by the consumers depending on their data recording methods.